Dear Customers, Stakeholders, Suppliers, Business Partners,

We share this information to inform you and to fulfill the requirements specified under new data protection legislations-GDPR put into effect on May 25, 2018. We would like to inform you about preparations that we have made, the works we have done regarding GDPR. We will use the data of users in European Economic Area (EEA) in our company’s web site, mobile applications and other data collecting applications only for business purposes. If you do not want us to store, process and use your personal data in connection with business purposes, you can exercise your right to “delete”, “cancel”, “forget me”.

Our Data Security Management System and Management System Approaches We have data safety, information security, cyber security approaches. With this notice we would like to inform you in details regarding our preparations for our EU User Consent Policy and GDPR. Our company has data safety management system in place. Your information is protected by means of technological means as well as management system methodologies. If the information at our company is hacked, stolen or transferred to any place without our consent somehow, we commit to share such case with you and notify you explicitly.

Updated EU User Consent Policy

Our works regarding EU User consent Policy to meet new legal requirements of GDPR are continuing. In GDPR policy, information disclosed to end users in our web page and other applications in European Economic Area (EEA) and our responsibilities regarding consents needed to be taken are very important legislations. We pay great care to our adaptation studies to meet our legal liabilities while giving service to European Union citizens, as an entity giving service in Turkey

While our works regarding information safety and cyber security are continuing, GDPR Policy and liabilities imposed by such policies are observed and put into practice. This GDPR Policy informing activity of us is within scope of enlightening, informing and taking explicit consent of our customers, stakeholders, suppliers, business partners.

What is GDPR Data Protection Liability? Who is responsible for GDPR Data Protection? With this notice, we hereby declare that we will fulfill the requirements of new legislations concerning information safety. We know our liabilities in the capacity of data processor or data responsible. Our works to internalize our liabilities are continued in house. We hereby declare our good intention regarding this matter. We work in compliance with GDPR Legislation in the EU. We know our liabilities to arise there from. We accept all liabilities arising out of GDPR provisions.

What kind of information we collect under GDPR?

We are only data responsible party in connection with personal data processed for business purposes. We hereby commit that we will fulfill our liabilities specified under GDPR in connection with use of any personal data processed by us in connection with our services in order to serve you better, to improve our service quality. Herewith we would like to inform our stakeholders, supplier, business partners.

The GDPR in the EU legislations also concerns you. Please provide required adjustments in order to fulfill the liabilities specified under the legislations otherwise, our business partnership, our purchases, and our co-operations will be negatively affected. If you do not give consent for use, storage, processing of your data we have collected or you do not give consent to us for use of your data we have processed, stored, you can contact us via communication means such as mail etc. and exercise your right to delete, cancel, forget me.​

Application for More Information about GDPR Adaptation

You can contact us via address or e-mail address given below to get further information on our policies concerning governing approach for data safety, cyber safety policies, data confidentiality of our company. We will continue to inform you about GDPR and fulfill our legal liabilities.

This text is sent in order to inform you about GDPR Legislations. Thanks.

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