Your IP Partner in Global Marketplace

Creation, management and protection of intellectual property and transferring them successfully into the business life, that is, converting the same into a rewarding commercial value chain, are essential in order to get the upper hand in today’s highly competitive business world.

Experience & Expertise

DESTEK PATENT, Intellectual Property Counsels in Switzerland, was founded in 2002 in order to provide for the clients with the experience and expertise they require for the professional representation of the aforesaid values worldwide.

Trust & Recognition

DESTEK PATENT is a major force in intellectual property management and protection; and has been successfully named as one of the “World’s Top 10 IP firms” for the past five years, according to the international trademark filing statistics issued by the World Trademark Review 1000.

Global IP Counsel

DESTEK PATENT, with a seat in the heart of Switzerland, has been serving worldwide as a significant center and strong base for DESTEK GROUP companies with over two-hundred professionals headquartered mainly in Turkey and for its overseas partners of more than three-hundred IP associates.